Jim Dillehay

Email: AbeMJ2024@gmail.com

Phone – 619 616-8908

Jim Dillehay, a.k.a. TjJim.com is the originator of JamCircle.net.

Other sites that I have originated:


Our plan is to use our production company to interview leaders of character and innovation for their thoughts on their approach to a 2024 Presidential run. We feel there is an urgent need to have better choices for our candidates and we need to start now to have time to truly get to know these people.


Jim is the admin for the wesite: Kissing Statue.com


Right next to the Kissing Statue is the Bob Hope Salute to the Troops Memorial



Our plan here is to provide jobs to the needy producing fashionable face shields and masks for better Covid-19 protection. The above image is taken from Lady GaGa’s “Stupid Love” video.


I believe in the power of Music as an effective therapy for Joy! We have JamCircles which are like DrumCircles but we add instruments and live vocals. We make it creative and easy so that all can experience the freedom of Jamming together!

I would cherish your feedback on how to promote and make these sites better!