Jam Circle Every Wednesday at

Sam Ash Music Store . . . .  Thank You Sam Ash!

The Story Behind This

So, for over a year I have thot to myself “Hey, since I need a bunch of Cajons and Congas . . .  the perfect place to have a Jam Circle is in a freakin music store because they will let you play any instrument in the store! 

So I thot about Guitar Center but when I talked to them, they kinda thot I was nuts.


So a week ago, I went looking for a new portable piano.  I did not go to Guitar Center, instead, I went to Sam Ash Music in Lemon Grove. 

Well, their inventory was amazing and for me, better than Guitar Center . . .  but much more important – the guys that worked and ran the store were people that I connected with.  Not salespeople . . . music people!


Then I found out from a cool dude named Curtis that for years they have been having an Open Mic every Wednesday at the store.


So I showed up around 6pm to get my 10 minute slot on their signup list.  I had an hour to kill so I asked the manager if I could borrow 5 Mexican Cajons from the percussion section and use them in the next room for my act.  The guy just looked at me and said “Of course, we want people to play these things”!



So at 7:00 I started off the Open Mic with a George Benson song that tells my sad story of trying to make it big in music. . . . “On Broadway”.  So first, I played the song track and then I got 5 guys from the audience to play the cajons as I performed.  I got Jerry Rose to lead the 5 because I knew he was a great cajonist! 

So with Jerry’s help, we were able to get the 5 random dudes to play together & provide a steady beat for my “On Broadway” performance.  Once we had the beat established, I went back and performed the song with “Jerry and the 5 random dudes“.  Instant band – I love it!!!


Have to say, I didn’t sound too bad. . . .  but what was amazing to me were the 6 guys!  They not only gave me a steady beat . . .  but they really Jammed!  Not just a beat, they PLAYED WITH SOUL!  Emotionally, they got into it.  #InstantCollaboration, #InstantJamSession.


So, I am hooked!  Anytime I do my 10 minutes I am adding the Mexican Cajons played by random audience folks and we are going to Jam!  The Sam Ash Jam Circle is up and running until they kick me out!  It’s a beautiful thing!