The Author “Letting Go” and enjoying a Rosarita Sunset


A Jam Circle and Jamming Can Be a Spiritual Experience

Music heals the soul of people, both people of Faith and also People of No Faith!  The act of Jamming, to me, is a “letting go”.  It is reaching the point emotionally where you are not concerned with holding back your feeling of sheer Joy.  When people witness a person “letting go” they are either happy for them or they wish they could do the same.


It is Spiritual, but not necessarily Christian.  I have to mention “Christian” because I have personally witnessed it the most in Churches that I attend.  But, I also know Agnostics that can Jam and Let Go!  (Ex – Carlos Santana)


I also noticed, just today, where Justin Bieber actually leads the Worship Band at his church.  Now, we all know and have heard of the Bieb’s “little episodes” but the dude has a deep, spiritual dimension that is very important to him.  And, by the way, don’t we all experience “little episodes” of stupidity? . . . List of Celebrities who got their start in their local church

Now, no way, will we ever “Have Church” at one of our Jam Circles but we will strive to have everyone in the room, whether they are a musician of not, experience what it feels like to truly “Let Go” of all their inhibitions and just have a blast making music with some great people!