JamCircle Can also be Discribed as JamKaraoke


When people first see the graphics we use at a JamCircle they often say “Oh, it’s Karaoke”.


Here’s why it’s NOT KARAOKE:

  • We will never put anyone who can’t sing on pitch on a microphone – we always respect the listener and respect the music!

  • People don’t just Jam by singing at a JamCircle.  If singing is not your thing – we try to find a musical activity that makes you look good!

(NOTE:  JamClass.org is a site we are developing to have a JamClass in San Diego and Tijuana schools).

  • You can Jam by playing a conga, cajon, acoustic guitar, singing, dancing, rapping, beat boxing or lipsyncing

  • Even though we have the .com . . . . JamKaraoke.com . . . we hesitate to call it JamKaraoke because most musicians don’t like to be associated with karaoke.  Like, if you really want to insult a person who sings – call him a Karaoke Singer!  ‘Nuff Said!

  • At a JamCircle, the entertainment is mined from the audience and is spontaneous in nature.  We like being surprised by discovering new talent in the audience.  Our Video Chord Charts or JamKaraoke Charts give a framework to make that happen!