Our Endgame – Bring a JamClass to Public Schools  


We need a huge turnout to help guarantee a weekly JamCircle at Sam Ash Music.  This is the perfect location because they will supply percussion equipment for every person in the audience.

One of our End-Games is to have a JamClass in every school in San Diego and Tijuana. That’s where students learn how to play every instrument in a band – Lead Guitar, Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Bass and Keys.


Also, they learn to sing, write music, create beats, learn production and how to MC an event! 

We are hoping for a huge turnout for this first time ever event!  We want to find a regular home at Sam Ash Music.  Get in on this ground-breaking event!  

Just Do What You are good at or what You Feel like Doing.  Let it Go!  We Make a Party Out of Jammin’!


Nobody has been to a party like this before!!  













Bring Your Enthusiasm!!

If you don’t have a drum or guitar, Sam Ash will let you borrow one of theirs . . . . if you ask politely!