Jam Circle is a Completely New and Different Party Concept


So, to be clear….at a Jam Circle people can Jam by playing a drum, guitar, piano, play a Brass or Woodwind instrument,…..Dance, LipSync or Sing, but if they sing it must be on pitch because this AIN’T KARAOKE!


Note:  JamInTheMix.com is another one of my sites I started developing about 4 years ago.


We first make sure that if a person in the audience wants to musically jam with us they can contribute by beating on a drum a steady beat that is synced to the music.  If they can’t do that, we ask them to snap their fingers, lipsync or dance or listen attentively.


Some people, when they look at our Video Chord Charts, say “Oh, it’s Karaoke”!  Well it’s not but I went ahead and bought JamKaraoke.com anyways.